Add A New Topiary Garden Or An Elevated Pond To Your Driveway

3 October 2022
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A topiary garden or an elevated pond will enhance a circular driveway. Either project will require the use of hardscaping and landscaping materials. Combining the materials will add some sharp lines and soft, contrasting colors to your property.

Excavation Essentials

If a driveway does not already exist on your property, a contractor will need to mark the sections where the pavement will go and designate an area for the new hardscaping and landscaping feature. An excavation process may be used first. This process levels out the land and ensures that the soil that comprises the base layer is evenly-compacted.

Any underground plumbing components that will be essential for draining rainwater runoff will be laid out and covered at the final stage of the excavation process. A contractor's main focus may be to ensure that the land will be stable and able to support the addition of slate, concrete, bricks, and other heavy hardscaping materials that will be installed.

Design Elements

Topiary gardens contain trees or bushes that have ornamental shapes cut into their branches. Animals, abstract designs, and human-like figures can be created by having the branches pruned by a skilled landscaper. A hardscaping material that surrounds the trees or shrubs that will be planted on your land will aid with containing the root systems of the vegetation. The hardscaping materials will also draw attention to the topiary garden.

An elevated pond may possess a rounded or rigid design. A pond may consist of brickwork or another hardscaping material. A liner can be added to the water feature's interior. Grass, flowering plants, or a small series of shrubs can be added around the perimeter of a new water feature. 


A landscaping contractor can add focused lighting that will enhance either a topiary garden or an elevated water feature. Spotlights or recessed lighting can be used to illuminate the new feature. If a light set that contains a lot of wire components is going to be purchased, a contractor may use a trenching technique to conceal the wires that are essential for powering up the lights.

A trenching process is a type of excavation process that involves digging a ditch that will adequately support electrical materials. A contractor may use landscaping fabric to line a trench. They will align the lighting materials across the fabric. After the lighting materials are installed, a contractor will use a backfilling process and will landscape the property that is directly above the covered wires.