Quick Landscaping Tips For Curb Appeal When You Need To Sell Your House

2 October 2020
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When you are selling your house, there are many things that you have to clean, repair, and neutralize on the inside of your home before you hit the market. You also have to consider how your outside landscaping affects curb appeal for potential buyers. While you do not need to tear everything out and start over, there are a few things you can do inexpensively to maximize your home's curb appeal.


When buyers pull up to your house, your front lawn takes up a lot of visual space and needs to look tidy. Use a weed and feed product on your lawn to cut down on any weeds and to boost the green color. If you have any patches that are missing grass due to pets or winter salting, dig up the area and re-seed it.

Finally, you need to mow on a regular schedule while your house is on the market. If you think you may have trouble keeping up, hire a lawn service instead.  


Mulch is a quick and easy way to boost your curb appeal. Simply add a fresh layer of mulch to any garden beds for a fresh look. If you have a large tree in your front yard, consider mulching around the base to draw attention to it and make it a more prominent feature.


A quick and easy way to create curb appeal is by filling planters with annual plants that offer a burst of color. In the fall months, potted mums are cheerful and welcoming while planters can be filled with potted evergreens in the winter months. Consider adding flower boxes to your front windows for even more curb appeal. 


Like your lawn, your shrubs should be neatly clipped and tidy. Overgrown shrubs are not only a place for criminals to hide, but they also make potential buyers wonder about other deferred maintenance issues that you may have put off on your home.


Paths can be welcoming, but not if they feature cracked cement, loose bricks, and a plethora of weeds. When you put your house on the market, your front walkway should be both safe to traverse and free from weeds and invading grass. Making these simple fixes will take your front path from off-putting to welcoming in a snap. 

Adding curb appeal with a few simple landscaping tips is easy to do if you follow these tips before listing your home for sale.