Three Ways To Keep Weeds Under Control In Your Lawn

26 May 2023
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Nobody wants their lawn to become overrun by weeds. However, this can sometimes seem hard to avoid. If you feel like you're constantly pulling weeds out only for new ones to pop up the next day, then it is time for you to take a more comprehensive approach to weed control. Here are three strategies to help you better control weed growth in your yard.

Spread a pre-emergent weed killer every spring.

Instead of waiting for weeds or pop up, consider taking steps to prevent them from popping up in the first place. First, you should scatter a pre-emergent weed killer every spring. Do this when the grass is just beginning to look green, if not earlier. A pre-emergent weed killer works on weed seeds. It prevents them from even germinating. Check the label on the product you're using; some need to be "watered in" after application. 

Fertilize your lawn.

Sometimes weeds take over because the grass is not healthy enough to crowd them out. Weeds require fewer resources than grass, so they tend to grow well in poor soil. If you fertilize and enrich your soil, then your grass will be better able to grow, and it won't leave as much room for weeds. Look for a fertilizer that is made specifically for grass. It will contain the right nutrients that grass needs to thrive. All-purpose fertilizers may be too high in certain nutrients, such as nitrogen, and could actually support weed growth more than desired.

Aerate the lawn.

When it comes to landscaping, aeration means punching lots of little holes in your lawn. This is usually done with a big, rolling mechanism on the back of a tractor or lawn mower. But sometimes it is done with a hand-held rolling tool. Have a landscaping company come aerate your lawn every spring. This will allow water to better penetrate the lawn, making its way past the dense layer of grass and roots that accumulate near the surface of your lawn. When your grass is able to receive more water, it stays strong and is better able to compete with your weeds.

If you follow all three of the steps above, you should have significantly fewer weeds popping up in your lawn. If you do still see the occasional weed, pull it out as soon as you spot it. This approach will help prevent weeds from spreading their seeds.

To learn more about lawn care, contact a local company.