Planning Your Landscaping For Spring? 2 Tips To Get Started

30 November 2022
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If you are planning your landscaping now for this upcoming spring, this is a good idea. This allows you to be ready when you need to start making purchases from flowers, mulch, etc. One thing you can do to help is hire a landscape contractor. Keep reading for two tips so you can have a beautiful landscaping this spring. 

Plant Flowers

Flowers are the main part of landscaping as they bring color and greenery to your yard. You can plant annuals if you are on a budget. These flowers are already in bloom when you buy them, so they provide instant color for you. They are also less expensive, but they do have to be replaced each year. This is beneficial if you like to change up landscaping from year to year. 

If you know you want the same flowers each year, you should purchase perennials. These are generally more expensive, but they come back on their own each year. Some perennials last longer than others, however. Perennials may not be in bloom when you purchase them. They also bloom at different times, such as in the spring, summer, and the fall months. 

Create one or more flower gardens, plant flowers around trees, or plant flowers in front of your home. You can put flower hanging baskets on your porch or use container flowers in different areas. 

Add Hardscaping

Along with plants and greenery, consider adding hardscaping to make your landscaping look interesting. Hardscaping includes anything that is manmade that does not grow. This includes things like water fountains, garden benches, patios, driveways, and much more. 

Hardscaping also includes landscape lighting which is beneficial as it lights up the landscaping at night. You can place lights in trees much like you put on Christmas trees. There is also uplighting, which is when the light shines upward to showcase something. Or you could choose downlighting, which is when lights shine downward to showcase something. There are solar lights if you do not want to install any electrical wiring. If you do need electrical wiring set up, you will need to hire an electrician to install this for you. 

Install a pathway that leads to a certain area of your yard, such as to a patio, front door, flower garden, etc. Pathways can be simple like installing pebbles or gravel or more expensive like using concrete and/or concrete pavers. 

A landscape contractor can give you many more tips on creating a beautiful landscaping for your home this spring. Contact them for details about landscape installation.