Planning A New Landscape? Hot Trends You May Want To Consider For Your Design

16 September 2022
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Planning a landscape design is no easy feat and it can involve a lot of thought about what features are most important to you. You also want a landscape design that looks nice and ups the curb appeal around your home. Looking at a few new trends in landscaping will help you decide which ones you want to incorporate into your own design. 

Go with gravel

With the popularity of the return to a simpler lifestyle, many homeowners are turning to the simplest materials for creating a landscape. Gravel is a basic material that is showing up in gardens and pathways and is a perfect neutral backdrop for any kind of flowers or foliage you want to plant. Gravel is inexpensive and practical and matches any landscape style.

Social hot spots

Adding a social hot spot to a front yard is a trend that is popping up in yards everywhere and is a great way to maximize the space often used only for decorative purposes. Traditional front yard flower beds are being replaced by mini patios to be used for sitting areas and entertaining. In fact, do not be surprised to find front yards adorned with anything from lending libraries to dining areas and boccie courts.

Modern cottage gardens

A typical cottage garden makes you think about a profusion of colorful plants and informality. Modern cottage styles use a combination of floral and rustic elements to create a look that is more restrained than the carefree and chaotic look of traditional cottage gardens. This creates a refreshing look that is less busy and can provide serenity with just a touch of color.

Native plants

More than ever, a return to native plants continues to be a hot trend, and for good reason. Native plants are more likely to thrive and add natural beauty to a landscape while requiring little attention. They are also the perfect choice for attracting bees and butterflies and are a sustainable landscape choice for any area of the country.

Landscape designs often take years to develop since many of the things you plant will take time to grow, which makes it even more important to create a design you are happy with at the start. Visiting a few of the latest landscaping trends can give you ideas to add to your design to create an outdoor look you are proud of but that also works well for you and your family.

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