3 Signs Your Irrigation Sprinklers Are Failing

25 August 2022
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As a business owner, you don't want your employees to stand outside watering your lawn. Nor do you want to have hoses lying all over it because they can be a trip risk and look unsightly. When you have your grounds landscaped, you should have your landscaper install a sprinkler system to keep your lawn and gardens water. A sprinkler system has retractable heads that will pop up when there is enough water pressure to water your lawn. When something happens to your sprinkler system, your grounds aren't going to look as good as they should. That's why you should know some signs that your sprinkler system is failing. 

Overly Green Spots

One sign that you have problems with your sprinkler system is that there are spots on the lawn that are overly green. While a lush green lawn is always nice, you want the whole lawn to look like that, not just a few patches here and there. Those spots will be greener because the sprinkler or the pipes are leaking, giving the grass more water, and allowing it to grow and get lush. 

Dirty Water 

If the water coming out of your sprinklers looks muddy and dirty, that can be a sign that there is a break in the pipes. Dirt is infiltrating the pipes, so when the water runs through them, it turns muddy and gets sprayed out of the sprinkler. Depending on how big the break in the lines is, you may only see dirty water when the sprinklers first turn on, and then it will clear up. 

Lower Pressure

High water pressure ensures that the sprinklers' spray goes a reasonable distance across your lawn. If you notice that the water isn't going as far, that can signal that the water pressure is getting lower. That lower pressure can just be caused by an aging system, or it could be a sign that there are damaged sprinkler heads in the system. One way you might be able to tell if there is the lower pressure in your sprinklers is that defined circles start showing up on your lawn because there isn't as much coverage. There will be spots that aren't getting any water.  

If you think that your sprinkler system is failing, call your landscaper so that they can check it out. They can do any repairs or tell you if you need to replace the whole system instead.  

Contact a sprinkler repair service to learn more.