Common Backyard Weeding Mistakes You Need To Avoid

10 August 2022
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No matter how well you take care of your backyard or garden, weeds are an unfortunate chore that comes with owning a home. If you are tired of pulling weeds but the weeds just seem to keep growing back, you might be making some common mistakes that are making the issue worse. Here are a few of the most common mistakes that gardeners and homeowners make while removing weeds from their property.

Waiting Too Long to Remove the Weeds 

Weeds are hearty plants that will grow quickly and if left unchecked, weeds can take over your garden and lawn. Unfortunately, if you let the weeds grow out of control, the root system will become very deep, and the surrounding lawn and plants will be starved of precious water and nutrients. Instead, eliminate weeds at quickly as possible after they sprout.

This will ensure the weeds do not have a chance to become established and cause damage to the beneficial plants and grass.

Forgetting to Remove the Root System

Tall, established weeds can be tricky to remove. This is why you are making sure that when you pull the weeds, you use all of your strength to remove the entire stalks. However, if you only pull, mow, or weed eat what is above the surface, you will leave behind a thriving root system. If the roots remain intact, the weeds will eventually grow back again, and you will be left spending your weekend getting rid of those pesky weeds all over again.

Instead, when you remove weeds, make sure that the entire root system is also eliminated.

Using Your Hands Instead of a Weeding Tool

For many homeowners, the go-to way to eliminate weeds is to get on their knees and manually pull out the weeds with their hands. In addition to being an inefficient way to get rid of weeds, pulling weeds can actually put a terrible strain on your lower back.

Instead, there are several different tools that can be used to pull all of the weeds throughout your lawn and garden in a fraction of the time of using your hands.

Using Herbicides

Finally, if there is a serious weed problem, many homeowners turn to herbicides. Unfortunately, if you do not use the right herbicide or do not specifically follow the package directions, you can accidentally kill your lawn and flower garden along with the weeds. Instead, if you want to eliminate weeds with an herbicide, leave this job to the professionals.

Reach out to a landscaping service to learn more about weed control.