What Aspects Should You Consider Before Tree Removal

20 July 2022
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Having trees in the yard is incredible because they serve the purpose you planted them for. However, there might come a time when you may need to cut one of them. Tree removal is a complex task that only professionals should handle.

Also, the necessary precautionary measures must be taken before the cutting process to enhance safety and avoid issues with the authorities. This piece will share the vital aspects you will have to consider before scheduling the tree removal date.

Tree Removal Rules

Before you schedule an appointment with your tree arborist, it's crucial to familiarize yourself with the local council's rules and regulations on private property tree felling. Maybe you need to take permission from the neighbors or local council before cutting the tree. Knowing the expectations will make it easy to avoid problems with your neighbors or authorities. 

If you don't have the time to read the rules and regulations, you can assign the task to your tree arborist. Other than acquiring the permit (if you need one), they'll take precautions to make sure the removal process doesn't affect the property or owner.

Environmental Effects

Due to the current global warming and climate change, people are encouraged to plant more trees on their land to help fight the adverse effects. Other than beautifying the property and offering shade, the trees will provide numerous benefits to the environment. 

For instance, they will promote soil fertility, prevent soil erosion, and clean the air by absorbing carbon dioxide. So, before tree removal, talk to your arborist to understand the role that tree plays in the local ecosystem. The findings will assist you in making an informed decision and offer alternative solutions.

Size of the Tree

Before cutting down any tree, you should consider its size. If the tree is big, you will require proper equipment. Tree removal experts not only have the right equipment but also create a practical procedure to get the job done. 

For instance, they will find a way to maintain safety on your property throughout the process, even when cutting a large tree. They may use cables and harnesses to ensure the tree doesn't harm anyone or anything when it's cut down.

If the tree is close to others or a structure (yours or a neighbor's), the professionals may opt to cut it down from the top. They will cut the crown sections first and work their way down. This procedure requires equipment like axes, wedges, chainsaws, and ropes to be completed efficiently.