3 Questions To Ask A Commercial Landscape Contractor

1 July 2022
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Your business needs to present a good image from the outset. That means that when potential clients drive up to your building, the landscaping around the building needs to look good. You need to work with a commercial landscaper to get that beautiful landscaping. A commercial landscaping contractor will design the landscaping around your building, plant it, and then maintain it. Because making a good impression and looking professional is important to your business, you need to be sure that you are working with the right landscaper. Asking them a few questions before hiring anyone can help you do that.

Licensing and Insurance

You need to ask the commercial landscaper if they are licensed and what kind of insurance they have. Your state likely has some type of licensing for contractors, and you need to see the proof that your landscaper has that and that the licensing is up to date. You should also ask what kind of workers' comp and liability insurance they have. Those insurances will make sure that the landscaper and their employees are covered. It also ensures that if your property is damaged, you will have the money to repair or replace the damage. 


Ask the landscaper if they work with any subcontractors. If they do, find out how long they have been working with that particular subcontractor. The landscaper should be able to vouch for the subcontractor and their work. One reason for this is that if the subcontractor isn't competent, they could damage your landscaping and make it look untidy. You also need to know who is working on your property. 


Communication is key in any kind of relationship, including your relationship with your commercial landscaper. Ask them how they tend to communicate with their customers and how long it generally takes them to get back to their customers. Some landscapers may return calls at set hours, for example, in the morning before they start doing all their work or in the late afternoon after they have been working. The landscaper may also prefer to communicate through email. Doing that will give you and the landscaper a paper trail, which will help eliminate any confusion. 

If you want your business to grow, you need to consider all the things that will affect it. That includes your landscaping. The right landscaping will help to establish a good first impression. Talk to a commercial landscaper to see how they can help you.