Wall Wisdom: Understanding The Types Of Retaining Walls And How They Can Enhance Your Landscape

11 May 2022
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There are several reasons to have a retaining wall installed when planning your landscape design. Retaining walls can help prevent ground erosion on hillsides or other sloping areas while making those areas suitable for installing a garden or other elements. Retaining walls also add beauty to your landscape and create eye appeal in your design.

Double walls

Double walls help you maximize the space in your landscape design. They also help create interest in a landscape. For instance, you may want to install a straight retaining wall for the first one and add a curved retaining wall for the second wall to create a unique and attractive look.

A double-wall design makes it easy to create distinct areas for different types of gardening. You can use one section for a beautiful flower garden and the other for a vegetable garden. You can also integrate steps into the design if desired.

Tiered walls

A good choice for areas with steep slopes, tiered retaining walls provide adequate strength to keep soil in place and give you room to add a garden or other landscaping elements at the bottom of the wall. The taller appearance of tiered retaining walls makes them act as a backdrop for showing off landscape elements you want to highlight.

Wood walls

If you want to create a rustic or country look for your landscape, wooden retaining walls are a good choice. Wooden walls can be constructed using a variety of wood products to create a design that is earthy and appealing. While not as durable as rock walls, wooden walls still work well at preventing erosion.

Use railway ties to create a wall with a weathered look. For a rustic look, you can have a wall constructed with upright logs. Use pressure-treated pine boards to create a wall if you prefer more of a contemporary look.

Benched walls

Want to maximize the use of your retaining wall and add character to your landscape design? Consider having a bench built into your retaining wall. The bench will provide a place to sit and also provide a charming and old-fashioned look that is perfect for showing off a romantic cottage garden in the space above.

More than just a wall, retaining walls can make a big difference in the appearance of your landscape. Retaining walls can be constructed using a variety of materials to match any decorating style. Not only do retaining walls add interest to your landscape, but they also keep soil from eroding on sloping areas or hillsides.