Recommendations To Customize Your Yard's Landscaping Design And Maintenance

10 March 2022
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To get the right look in your yard's landscaping, sometimes you need to mix in the right trees, shrubbery, and flowers for an all-around custom yard that looks amazing but does not look exactly like other yards in your neighborhood. No matter whether you opt for a large expanse of lawn surrounded by areas of trees and shrubbery or you choose islands of landscaped bedding areas showcasing some of your favorite plants and trees, here are some recommendations to help you maintain a great looking yard with the right custom landscaping care.

Install the Right Lawn

The lawn may not seem like it is a focal point in landscaping with your yard, but it is an important element. Because your lawn can make up a large surface covering in your landscaping, it is important to take care of it as best as you can, and you do this with the right type of lawn plants growing in your yard. Whether you live in a hot and dry climate or a cold and moist climate, pick the lawn variety that will give your lawn its great appearance. 

Select a lawn variety for cool-season grasses or warm-season grasses, based on where you live in the United States. Some types of warm-season grasses include zoysia, centipede, and Bahia. Cool-season grasses include fine fescue, bluegrass, and ryegrass. If you live somewhere in the middle of the northern and southern states, it is a good idea to combine two or more of the grasses from each climate to provide you with a lawn that contains heat-tolerant grasses and those that do well during cooler periods of time and winter. 

Take Care of Weeds

Just as it is important to plant the right lawn, make sure you protect it and the other areas of landscaping against weed growth. Weeds take up valuable space in the soil to crowd out your landscaping, but they will also steal essential nutrients and moisture from your shrubbery, trees, lawn, and flowers. Start early in your yard care with an herbicide fertilizer combo that stops weed germination and feeds your lawn for strong growth. 

Later on, you may find weeds that emerge in various areas of your yard, which you can pull up easily if you have used a layer of organic mulch to cover and protect the soil. Carefully apply non-selective herbicide to aggressive weeds, being careful not to cover any surrounding vegetation with the treatment. 

Talk to a custom landscaping company for more information.