3 Subtle Ways Landscape Design Can Help The Customer Experience

19 January 2022
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Is your commercial landscape doing everything it's supposed to do to help your business? While most business owners expect their landscape to be cost-effective and attractive, it can actually do a few subtle things to help customers and boost the business. How? Here are three of the most important — but often overlooked — jobs it should be doing. 

1. Brand Building

The landscape can help develop a consistent and clear branding for any business. The color palette you choose, for instance, should consist of shades that complement structures and signage. Many owners use the actual colors, patterns, textures, and symbols of their logo and branding right in the landscape.

You can also support your business's ethos and theme with landscape choices. A local, eco-friendly business uses native plants and pollinators along with water-conscious plantings. A fresh, youthful business might opt for modern or eclectic landscape design. All this goes toward establishing a brand identity everyone can recognize.

2. Directing Customers

Help your customers find their way by letting natural landscape design point them. A bright, bold centerpiece in the landscape identifies your main entrance. Walkways lead people toward various entrances, parking lots, or buildings. Flower beds or rock gardens along a path keep people from wandering off a designated route. And thorny shrubs keep trespassers out of your bushes. 

Smart landscape design can take over the work of directing traffic (both pedestrian and vehicle) from less customer-friendly elements like fencing and locks. People are less likely to even notice they're being maneuvered. It's also usually more effective than simply putting up a sign that people may choose to ignore. 

3. Making People Comfortable

How does your landscape design contribute to giving everyone a more comfortable, enjoyable customer experience? Good landscape planning and proper maintenance reduces pests and insects throughout the area. Proper drainage prevents water from pooling and inviting insects, making things muddy, or allowing ice to form. And shade trees let people stop and linger in more comfort, especially if they have to wait for services. 

Where to Learn More

Could your landscape do a better job in any of these areas? Whether you want to help people find their way, keep them out of the wrong areas, improve the customer experience, or make your brand more clear, any improvement is a boon to your business. Learn more about using landscape design to meet various customer relations goals by meeting with a landscape designer in your area today.