Your Guide To Weeds And Weed Control

26 August 2021
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Weeds can seem to appear overnight and within days they can go from being a few inches to more than a foot tall. They can quickly take over your yard and cause a lot of work for you. This is why it is best if you take steps to prevent the appearance of weeds through proper weed control. Here is a guide on weeds and weed control you should look at.

Weeds can damage your landscaping

There is a lot of work that goes into creating a great-looking yard. From designing the landscaping to maintaining it properly, it takes care and attention on a normal basis. Weeds can quickly cause a lot of damage to the landscaping. They will steal the nutrients from the plants which can kill them. 

The weeds can grow out of cracks between decorative rocks and other small areas, including hard-to-reach ones which make the yard look bad. They can even end up damaging walkways and the driveway in some cases. They can grow throughout the grass and cause dead patches in it as well. With proper weed control, you can prevent all of these types of damages to the landscape. The weed control prevents the weeds from starting in the first place. 

Weeds can cause horrible stickers to become a problem

Many types of weeds have stickers they drop in the yard. These stickers will stick to the bottom of your shoes when you walk through the yard and then you track them inside the house. Once in the house, they can get stepped on when someone is walking through the house without shoes on and they can be very painful. 

Also, a few kinds of weeds have stickers, and they can get in the ears of your pets, between their paw pads, or other places where they can cause serious problems that cause them to need to go to the vet. Weed control can prevent you from dealing with any of the issues the stickers can cause. 


Weed control should be done seasonally before the weeds begin to sprout. You can work with a weed control company that will come out and prevent weeds using proven methods so that you will not have to worry about trying to get rid of them once they show up. You also get to enjoy your yard how it should be enjoyed by you and your family.