What Are Your Options To Help A Wet Yard Drain Better?

29 July 2021
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You deserve to enjoy your yard, and you can't do that very well if it is always wet and mushy. If your yard is always wet, then there are a few different drainage options to discuss with your local drainage contractor.

Channel Drains

Channel drains are sometimes known as trench drains. They're basically like underground gutters that catch water and funnel it away from your yard, dispersing it elsewhere. You could have a channel drain installed to collect water from the wet areas of your yard and carry that water to the back of your property or a far corner that you don't use. Channel drains work well when you only need to dry out a small area, and when you don't want to change the overall appearance of your yard. There will be a few exposed grates where the water flows down into the underground drainage system, but these can be made from green-painted metal so they blend in with your lawn.


If you have a larger yard that needs drainage, your drainage contractors may recommend having a pond dug. The pond can be placed in the lowest area of your property so water automatically flows into it. The landscaping company may still need to slope the land toward the pond to encourage proper draining. A pond can become the focal point of your landscaping, especially if you decorate around it with beautiful plants, install a fountain, or take other steps to make it attractive. You'll probably want to have it treated for mosquitoes once a year to keep them from breeding in it.

French Drains

French drains are similar to channel drains, but they are buried further underground, so they collect groundwater as well as surface water. They consist of a bed of gravel surrounding a PVC pipe that has holes in it to allow water to permeate into the pipe. The gravel itself also gives the water a place to settle, and it filters out grime so the grime does not end up in the drain pipes. Your drainage contractor may recommend a French drain if you have a larger yard to drain or if a lot of the moisture is groundwater.

Talk to a drainage contractor about these options. They can help you determine which is the best solution for your yard. In any case, with some work, you can have a dry yard again.