3 Lawn Improvements Your Landscape Contractors Can Do

14 April 2021
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Is your lawn looking a bit dry and uneven? Are you worried about bald spots in your grass or your grass being loose? Do you want to add more dimension to your yard and make the edges cleaner?

Landscaping contractors are specialists who make peoples' yards more appealing and more healthy. If your yard is lacking curb appeal, then these are the specialists to call. Here are three things landscaping contractors can do for your yard to give it a quick upgrade.

Add curb appeal

Curb edging is a hardscape improvement that can give your yard more dimension and make it easier to keep clean and organized. Pavers or concrete edging can be placed along sidewalks, around shrubbery and trees, along driveways, and in all sorts of other landscaped areas where you want there to be a crisp line and definition between your lawn and other surfaces.

Stamped curbing is a popular choice because it gives the impression of curbing being made of natural stone or even brick. Your landscaping contractors can show you many options regarding curbing for your home.

Add lawn volume

If your lawn is worn out from pets, kids, or pests, then you can have your landscaping contractors add volume to the sparse areas. New sod can be placed in areas under pine trees and along fence edges where grass can be more liable to thin out, and grass seed can be spread across your entire lawn to refresh it. To make things more interesting and lush, landscaping services often combine several types of compatible grass seeds in their seed spreader. The resulting grass blades then vary in shape, definition, and even color for a beautifully blended lawn.

Add lawn protection

Much of what is causing your lawn to be lackluster is generally unseen. Things like grubs and larvae from many different common lawn pests — from beetles to moths — enjoy munching on your grass from the roots. This causes grass to look healthy on the outside, but once you grab a chunk of your lawn, you'll see how easily whole sections come loose and give way.

To keep bald spots at bay, have your landscaping contractors treat your lawn for common grass pests. You might need multiple treatments done and then follow-up care performed in order to keep these pests away for good. Call your landscaping services company to schedule a consultation so they can see your yard and make recommendations for lawn improvements. They can provide more information regarding landscaping services.