Designing Your Property's Landscaping

26 March 2021
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The landscaping of your property is often its most distinctive feature. This makes it an important goal to keep the landscaping in the best possible condition while minimizing the work that will be involved.

Appreciate The Benefits Of Choosing Local Plants

The decision to place exotic or other non-native species of plants on your property can be a decision that might significantly increase the amount of work that will be involved with keeping the landscaping in good condition. This is due to the fact that these plants may require more water, be more susceptible to pest damage and need regular fertilizer. By choosing plants that are both native to your area and compatible with the type of soil on your property, you can significantly reduce the difficulties of keeping your landscaping in vibrant condition.

Minimize The Amount Of Water Loss That Occurs During Irrigation

Irrigating the landscaping is the most common type of maintenance work that you will have to do for your property. It can also be among the most costly due to the amount of water that this could require. Unfortunately, homeowners will rarely give enough consideration to the efficiency of their irrigation system. In particular, you will want to choose an irrigation system that is designed to minimize water loss to evaporation. Drip irrigation systems can be extremely effective in this regard as they will administer water directly along the ground, near the base of your plants. This can make them among the most efficient as well as allowing for highly targeted irrigation of your landscaping, which can reduce unwanted puddles and erosion.

Create Physical Paths Through The Landscaping

Individuals regularly walking on your grass or plants can cause the plants to experience significant stress, and it may even kill them. To minimize the tendency of individuals to walk on your plants, it is important to create paved or gravel paths that individuals will be able to use. For those that are wanting the most affordable path option, gravel can be the best choice, but it will need to be periodically replenished to account for the gravel washing away. If you are wanting a more permanent option for your property's paths, pavement can be the better solution. While it will cost more than using gravel for the paths, it will avoid the problems caused by gravel displacement and be a durable solution that can last for years with minimal maintenance on your part.

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