Preparing For A Stone Delivery

18 February 2021
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If you are in the process of performing landscaping tasks to improve the aesthetics of your property, you may have considered utilizing stone as a medium to accomplish this endeavor. Most people hire a stone delivery service to drop off large amounts of this important landscaping tool. Here are steps to take in preparation for a stone delivery from a professional service.

Decide Upon The Resting Location

Before you have the stone delivered, you need to know where you intend to keep it while you are performing your landscaping projects. Do not select a location too far away from the projects themselves so you do not need to haul stone from the pile to the project location for long distances. Pick a spot where you can easily scoop up the stone to put into a wheelbarrow which you can then maneuver to a project location without difficulty. Select a location that is not going to make it difficult for people to get around your property as well. For example, do not have the stone set upon your driveway if you plan on utilizing the space for vehicles. 

Provide A Base For Stone To Rest

After you determine where you would like your delivery placed, it is important to place a base item for stone to rest upon. This not only protects the stone from dirt or moisture exposure but also protects the landscape itself so the stone does not become tamped down into the ground after it settles. Use several planks placed parallel to each other to use as a platform for your stone delivery. After you have used the stone upon your property, planks can be quickly removed and stored for future use. Keep a tarp handy to use after your stone delivery so you can cover the stone to protect it against moisture and sunlight so its color does not fade.

Check For The Best Route To The Area

When your stone resting area is ready, you then need to check your property for the best way for a truck to get to the location. Remove any personal items from your yard so they are not at risk for damage. Conduct a test run using your own vehicle to see if you can get to and from the location without difficulty. Be sure to leave enough room for a large delivery truck to back up and turn around after the stone is dropped off.

Contact a local landscape stone delivery service to learn more about the process.