Common Problems A Custom Landscaping Service Can Help You Resolve

6 January 2021
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Designing a beautiful outdoor space may be very important to you if you have been staying at home because of COVID-19. However, designing a great landscape can be challenging if your outdoor space contains a lot of rocks and hills, has poor drainage, or is located where you have unsightly views. A custom landscaping service can help you resolve these common issues that may prevent you from achieving a great landscape design for your outdoor space.

Slopes and hills

Outdoor spaces that contain a lot of slopes and hills can make it difficult to safely maintain a lawn. Slopes and hills require special attention to help you optimize every inch of your outdoor space. Some things a custom landscape service may suggest is planting vegetation on the areas that do not require maintenance or adding a waterfall feature on the side of a slope or hill.

Rocky ground

Rocky ground can be a huge hindrance to vegetation and must be dealt with if you wish to establish a nice lawn, grow flowers, or plant a vegetable garden. One option is to incorporate a rock garden into your landscape design and plant less vegetation. A custom landscaper will evaluate the condition of your rocky ground and offer suggestions to help you achieve the outcome that works best for your property.

Poor drainage

Puddles of water on a lawn are not only unattractive, but they can also attract mosquitos. Standing water can damage vegetation and make it impossible to sustain a healthy garden and ground cover. A custom landscaper will evaluate where the water issue is coming from and offer suggestions for rerouting water, installing drainage systems, or adding a rain garden to your landscape to help control any pooling water.  

Unsightly views

An unsightly view from your outdoor space will put a damper on even the most well-designed landscape if the issue is not addressed. A custom landscaper can work with you to block the view by adding a fence or accent wall, or by using trellises and plants to keep any unattractive elements out of sight.

Entrusting your landscape challenges to a custom landscape service is the first step to having a great outdoor space for relaxing or entertaining. Addressing landscape challenges can add value to your property and up the curb appeal of your home. More importantly, you will have an outdoor space to enjoy for years to come. Contact a custom landscaping service for more information.