Boring Office Landscape? Liven It Up With A Seasonal Color Program

30 July 2020
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Does your office landscape need a pick-me-up? You could spend a fortune redesigning the space, adding features, or bringing in hardscape to make it more attractive. Or you could make use of a seasonal color program. What is a seasonal color program? And how can it help you? Here are a few answers.

How a Seasonal Color Program Works

A seasonal color program is a strategy of replacing intense sections of colorful greenery and flowers as each blooming season comes to an end. Garden beds are planted for maximum immediate impact and encouraged to bloom as long as possible. But when the season changes, the landscaper in charge of the program carefully selects new plants and colors for a new impact according to the weather conditions. The result is year-round beauty. 

How Seasonal Color Is Achieved

So if continuous beauty is the goal, how is it accomplished? The backbone of any seasonal color program are hearty and thriving annual flowers. These would be selected for their immediate blooming ability and planted close together to maximize the overall color appearance. Other, non-annual, plants may be used — such as bulbs that come back year after year and evergreen bushes to provide continuous green backdrops.

The best use of each flower is made through maintenance of its health and blooms. The landscape service might fertilize plants to encourage healthy flowers or provide targeted and manual watering for sensitive greens. The goal of maintenance is to encourage long blooming cycles that minimize the need to replace plants. If some plants fail to thrive, they would be quickly replaced so as not to affect the whole look.

Because color plants are changed regularly, you can also craft just the look you want according to the time of year. Summer color groups may include vivid pinks, reds, or blues. Fall color selections — often such hardy blooms as chrysanthemums — may be orange, yellow, and red instead. You can also opt for holiday colors to match Christmas, 4th of July, or Easter hues. 

Why You Need a Professional

Obviously, a seasonal color program works best when overseen by a professional landscape service. Some elements can be done just once, but the change to new flowers and maintenance of each color set calls for regular work. A pro will not only help you select the right plants but also get the most life out of each of them. 

Want to know more about a seasonal color program for your particular space? Make an appointment with a commercial landscape maintenance service in your area today.