4 Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Land Clearing Technique

16 July 2020
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Have you invested in property and are planning to develop it? Or do you have a piece of land that you want to clear for landscaping or farming? You must find the ideal land clearing technique. There are various methods such as bulldozing, cutting and grinding, piling and burning, and many more. Determining the right one beforehand ensures you get the right equipment for the job and prepare adequately. Below are the key factors you should consider when deciding on a land clearing technique.

Size of the Land

The size of land that needs to be cleared determines the best time-efficient and money-saving technique. If you're working on a small piece of land, you could get away with simple, labor-intensive techniques that can save you a lot of money. You won't need to hire large equipment such as bulldozers. Simple ones such as skid-steer loaders and tractors will do the job. However, if you have a large piece of land, you should look into time-saving methods such as those that use heavy equipment and machinery. 

Purpose of the Land

What do you want to use the land for? If you're building a house, simple clearing methods may not be entirely efficient. You have to get rid of tree stumps, uproot vegetation from the roots, and excavate the land to create an even ground for the structure. On the other hand, if you want to farm, plant a lawn, or install landscaping features, you should be wary of damaging the top layer of the soil, as this could affect vegetation growth. Thus, use equipment and products that will be gentle on the soil.

Composition of the Land

What's the composition of the piece of land? Does it have small shrubs, or are there large trees? Are there any large rocks on the ground? If the property has small trees and shrubs, you only need simple equipment to get the work done. However, if there are large trees, you have to use heavy machinery to bring them down. If the land has large rocks, you need to employ earthmoving techniques to get rid of them.

The Need to Preserve Trees or Vegetation

If you're planning to repurpose some of the items on the land, you should choose a technique that will preserve them. For example, if you need to make wood from large trees, you should use a method that won't diminish their value. For example, using a bulldozer to remove trees won't be viable if you want to use the wood for construction. Also, if you would like to replant some of the shrubs or trees on the land, use equipment that won't destroy them. 

Talk to a land clearing expert for professional input and advice on how to effectively clear your piece of land for development.