Are You Starting Your Landscaping From Scratch?

13 July 2019
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Have you recently finished building your own home? Or, maybe you've moved into a previously owned home where the landscape was totally neglected. No matter the scenario, maybe you already have a landscaping plan in place. If that's not the case, from ordering wholesale brown mulch pallets to creating a unique look for your back yard, here are some ideas that might help.

Order Wholesale Chocolate Brown Mulch - Since you're ordering enough mulch for an entire landscaping plan, consider placing a wholesale order to save money. Maybe you have decided on brown mulch. If so, consider going with chocolate brown for the color of the mulch. Choosing dark chocolate mulch means that the color won't fade as rapidly as regular brown mulch. The wood particles are designed to last for a very long time so every penny you spend will be worth the price.

If you aren't sure how much chocolate brown mulch to order, the agent you speak with will be able to help you with that decision. Describe to the agent how you plan to landscape your back yard. In your description, include the size of your lawn and how many flower beds you are planning to have. He or she will have the experience to know just how much you should order. 

When you place your order, be clear that you don't want the mulch to be delivered on a rainy day, or if rain is forecast for the next several days. The company where you buy your mulch would probably make that suggestion, anyway. 

Create A Unique Look In Your Back Yard - Obviously, you want your back yard to be beautiful. But, don't you also want it to have unique features? Think of ways you can add interest to the landscape design. For example, as your plan your bedding area, give them a distinct shape. Choose a rectangular shape for one area, an oval shape for another area and a circular shape for another area. 

Mix things like bougainvillea plants with roses, daisies, and even succulents in the flower beds. The chocolate brown mulch will not only keep nutrients in your flower beds, but the contrasting colors will add interest to the flower beds. 

Add statuary, too. For example, a multi-tiered water fountain in a strategic part of your back yard would definitely be a focal point. Surround it with a flower bed that has chocolate mulch in it to add even more interest to the area.