Pros & Cons Of Installing A Wooden Privacy Fence Around Your Backyard

21 May 2019
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Wooden privacy fencing has been the go-to backyard fencing in urban areas for years, and it is obvious why. However, these fences do have their perks and disadvantages to consider. 

Pro: Privacy fencing can up the functionality of your backyard. 

Without a doubt, the biggest reason people like wooden privacy fencing is the fact that it gives them privacy. Yet, just this one implement can completely change how you use your backyard. The panels completely conceal the perimeter of the yard, which means:

  • You can allow your children to play outdoors without concern
  • Pets can be kept outdoors in a safe manner without a chain 
  • The backyard can be used for things like relaxing in the sun or splashing in a pool

Con: Privacy fencing can block some airflow to your backyard. 

One of the few complaints that homeowners tend to have when they install a wooden privacy fence and completely enclose their backyard is that airflow can be blocked to a certain extent. If you would prefer to not have breezes blowing into the space, this may actually be considered an advantage. However, if you do enjoy cool summer nights when gentle breezes cause your windchimes to sway and tinkle, you may be disappointed that the fence blocks the breezes. 

Pro: Installing a privacy fence can give you a higher resale value.

Homebuyers love a nice backyard. These spaces are an extension of interior living spaces, but if there is no privacy in the area, the backyard does not add a lot of value to the property.  If you are trying to sell your home, but the backyard seems to be turning buyers off, it could be a worthy investment to install some privacy fencing panels. Even if you are not trying to sell your home, what you invest in this type of fencing will likely later be recouped. 

Con: Having a privacy fence can mean having a little more maintenance to tend to.

Privacy fencing can be a little harder to maintain than regular fences. You do need to keep the area around the base of the fence either trimmed low if it is grass or properly weeded. Privacy fencing panels made out of wood can't have a lot of growth tucked up to the base, or you will have problems with moss and mold development that could compromise the wood. Plus, the wooden panels may have to be refinished on occasion. 

If you think that a wooden privacy fence is the way to go, then contact a local fencing company like Eastcoast Sitework to put one in for you.