Tips For Installing A Flagstone Patio To Add Beauty To Your Yard

16 May 2019
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If you're contemplating ideas for a new patio and want something more attractive than concrete, then consider using paving stones. Flagstone is an ideal material for a patio since it is in different shapes and colors. This allows you to create a visually appealing patio that adds beauty to your yard. Here are some tips for putting in a flagstone patio.

Choose The Stones

Flagstone comes in different colors because the term encompasses limestone, sandstone, and slate. These are natural paving stones mined from the earth and shaped into various sizes. Flagstone comes from different geographic areas, and each area produces its own unique stone color. Choosing stones from a local quarry could save money over having stones shipped in from another location. However, you also want to choose stones of the size, shape, and color variation that match your home and property. You may want stones that have been shaped into squares and rectangles, or natural stones with jagged edges and in different sizes. Once you've chosen the stone, you can have it delivered to your yard in pallets ready for installation.

Decide On The Installation Method

You can install flagstone in different ways depending on the look you like. You can use mortar to create a smooth surface that makes moving chairs and a grill easy. Mortar can also provide a color contrast to the stones that adds an extra touch of beauty to your finished patio. However, you can also just place the stones next to each other and fill gaps with sand, moss, or tiny pebbles. Since the paving stones come in different sizes and shapes, allowing some space between them makes installation easier, but you may prefer having a sealed patio for both appearance and ease of use.

Plan The Layout

No matter how you install the stones, you'll need to start with compacted soil for a base. Then it's time to plan the layout. You may need to spread the stones out on the grass and look at the pieces you have to work with when deciding how to arrange the small and large pieces together. You can always break large stones into smaller ones if necessary. You can also use the larger stones as stepping stones for a path leading to your fence gate or house. Having an idea of where you'll place the stones before you start will save you from unnecessary heavy lifting and disruption of the compacted soil once you start placing the stones.

Installing a flagstone patio by yourself can be hard work, but the results are worth it. Flagstone adds glamour and charm to your yard, even if the patio is small, and it's an improvement over having a standard concrete patio. For more information, check out a website like