3 Signs Your Irrigation System Needs Repair

15 May 2019
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From watering your lawn and flowerbeds to providing the right amount of moisture for your vegetable garden, an irrigation system can be a great investment. Unfortunately, once the underground system is installed, it tends to become "out of sight and out of mind," which could be problematic. Not only could these issues affect your system's ability to water properly, but issues with the irrigation may also become wasteful and costly. Here are a few signs your irrigation system needs repair.

1.  Sputtering Sprinklers

You may be surprised to learn a sputtering sprinkler head is a cause for concern. Sputtering is most likely due to an issue inside the sprinkler head and valve, so having each head that is sputtering inspected is imperative.

The sputtering may stem from excess pressure in the actual sprinkler head or valve. This pressure may be due to a crack in the head/valve or a worn gasket. Finally, debris may be clogging the sprinkler head, resulting in the sputtering.

No matter what the cause, sputtering must be addressed to reduce the risk of overwatering or underwatering.

2.  Uneven Watering

Another sign your irrigation system is in distress is when you notice certain areas of the yard or garden are being watered unevenly. The system is designed to provide an even amount of water throughout the various parts of your landscape, so if you notice soaked areas or dry areas, there is most likely a problem.

Soaked areas most likely stem from an underlying leak or a broken sprinkler head that is gushing water onto one specific area. If one area is dry, or if you are noticing patches of dead grass or dying plants, something is preventing one sprinkler from watering sufficiently.

Your best option is to have the entire irrigation system inspected to determine the cause of the overwatering or underwatering of your lawn/landscape.

3.  Increased Water Bill

It is normal to see an increase in your water bill when you first start using the irrigation system. However, if you have seen an additional increase in your water usage, there is most likely a leak or a problem with your timer system.

To get started, have the system inspected for underlying leaks. Again, areas that are soaked with water are a good indicator you have a water leak.

Also, check your timers to make sure they are set to water at the appropriate amount of time. If they are watering too long, you are using an unnecessary amount of water, which will increase your water bills.

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