Modern Landscaping Irrigation Tips To Help Save Water And Keep Your Lawn Green This Summer

27 March 2019
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The water that you use to irrigate your landscaping and keep your lawn and plants green and healthy is excessive. If you want to reduce your water consumption and irrigate your landscaping more efficiently, you want to consider modern solutions like soaker hoses, drip irrigation, and high-efficiency sprinkler systems. The following tips will help you create a modern landscaping irrigation design that is more efficient and effective to keep your lawn green this summer:

High-Efficiency Sprinkler Heads That Use Less Water to Irrigate the Lawn 

Old sprinkler heads use a lot of water to irrigate lawns, which also means that a lot of water can get wasted when watering. If you want to have more efficient landscaping irrigation, have a sprinkler service install high-efficiency heads that use less water and irrigate more efficiently. This is a simple improvement that can be done to reduce water consumption without completely tearing up and replacing your existing sprinkler system.

Drip Irrigation Systems to Efficiently Water the Plants in Landscaping

Conventional sprinkler systems are not the ideal solution for irrigation of all the plants in your landscaping. They may be good for grass, but for trees, shrubs, and flowers, a lot of the water gets wasted. For a more efficient solution to water the rest of the plants in your landscaping, talk with your sprinkler installation service about installing drip irrigation, which will use less water and irrigate plants where they need it.

Soaker Hoses for A More Efficient Alternative to Conventional Sprinklers

Soaker hoses are a great solution for an irrigation alternative to conventional sprinkler systems. These are hoses that are buried beneath the turn and provide water to the roots of grass where it is needed. Buried soaker hoses are a good solution for areas with dry summers that cause problems with conventional sprinklers and evaporation.

Landscaping Irrigation Using Rain Collection and Recycled Water from Your Home

There are also resources from your home that you can use for landscaping irrigation. One simple example is to have a rain collection system installed, which can provide clean water to irrigate plants in landscaping. Another option is to recycle gray water from appliances, which can be combined with soaker hoses to provide water and nutrients to your lawn.

These are some tips that will help you create a modern landscaping irrigation design that is more efficient. If you need help updating your landscape irrigation, contact a sprinkler system installation service and talk to them about some of these solutions for your home's landscaping. 

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