3 Reasons For Putting A Little Mexico Into Your Yard

27 March 2019
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Maybe you strolled along a beach in Mexico at some point and marveled at all of the different-colored smooth pebbles there. Maybe you want to remember that all over again. You can, with Mexican beach pebbles selected for landscaping needs. Here are a few other reasons why you may want landscape Mexican beach pebbles for your own yard.

1. They Come in Four Different Colors, Plus the Mixed Bag

The red pebbles are very red, the black pebbles are obsidian black (the blackest pebbles you have ever seen), the tan/buff pebbles remind you of the color of the beaches of Mexico, and the gray pebbles are varying shades of gray. Purchase just one color, or if you would rather, they are sold as a mixed bag of colors too, but most people are fascinated by the black and red pebbles for their color and shiny smoothness. 

2. The Flat Black Ones Double as Spa Stones

No joke; when spas want quality flat, smooth stones for hot stone massages, they choose the black Mexican beach pebbles. These stones, because of their rich black color, absorb a lot of heat. That may be helpful in your yard if you are trying to keep certain plants warmer than others. It is also helpful if you get a hankering to try a hot stone massage at home, since you will have the perfect stones for it right there in your yard. 

3. They Are Sorted by Size and Shape

If you were to buy gravel in the U.S. for landscaping, you generally order the gravel by a size range, whereas beach pebbles from Mexico are very carefully measured and sorted so that your chosen size has exactly uniform size from pebble to pebble. The results are much more visually pleasing than a bunch of rocks that are sort of the same size and all thrown together in the same bag. (Some gray Mexican beach pebbles may still be sorted randomly, but the other colors are carefully picked through and measured for accurate "grain" size.) Shape is also important, but most beach pebbles have been smoothed and shaped by either the Gulf of Mexico on the east side of the country or the Pacific Ocean on the west side of the country into nearly perfect ovals or circles. A few oblong stones may be present in each bag of beach pebbles, but most of the pebbles are of uniform shape.