Do You Need An ALTA Survey?

25 March 2019
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Land surveys are important documents that help define property boundaries. There are many different types of surveys available on the market today, but the most comprehensive is an ALTA survey.

These surveys adhere to the standards that are specified by the American Land Title Association (ALTA). An ALTA survey isn't required for all properties, but there are certain situations where the additional expense of an ALTA survey may be justified.

Buying or Selling Commercial Property

Commercial property is different from residential property. A piece of commercial property is viewed by insurance companies as being a higher risk than residential properties.

Property line disputes and zoning issues are more likely to affect a commercial property, so insurance companies want to protect themselves before offering you coverage by knowing that you have researched all aspects of the property.

An ALTA land survey is required by most insurance companies before coverage will be extended to a commercial property. This means that an ALTA survey should always be a part of commercial real estate transactions.

Buying a Vacant Lot

Many people want to invest in vacant land so that they can construct their own home or business. Vacant lots may not have recent survey information available. Any land surveys that were conducted might have been completed using older technology that is not as accurate as the technology used by surveyors today.

You should always invest in a comprehensive ALTA survey before you buy a vacant lot. This type of survey will help you avoid encroachment issues or boundary disputes when you begin to utilize the vacant land in the future.

Seeking Maximum Protection

Any real estate buyer who wants to enjoy maximum protection against potential legal disputes in the future should invest in an ALTA survey. As a general rule, the more detailed a land survey is, the more protection it can offer the landowner over time.

An ALTA survey shows the boundary lines of the property, the location of improvements on the property (like any structures, fences, utility lines or roads), and the location of all easements. That means this type of survey will give you all the information you need to make decisions regarding the legal use of your property.

Land surveys play a critical role in governing the use of any property. You can utilize an ALTA survey to ensure you know all about your property so that you can insure it, develop it, or protect it in the future.