Improving Your Privacy Through The Right Landscaping

28 February 2019
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Everyone likes their privacy, but not everyone wants to erect large privacy fences around their entire home. Luckily, you don't have to. If you want to enhance your home's privacy without being overly disruptive, consider the advantages of natural landscaping. Here are a few ways in which the right landscaping can help improve your privacy.

Fast-Growing Bushes

Bushes are likely the easiest way to improve privacy. They can be placed around the entirety of your home to control access points to your property while also adding value. However, you also need to select the right types of bushes. Some slow-growing bushes are popular because they don't need to be maintained as frequently, but it can take them years to grow to the point where they actually provide privacy. Fast-growing bushes will provide you with greater levels of privacy faster.

Perimeter Trees

Trees such as cypress trees are often used for privacy. You can purchase these trees already grown to a substantial size—or just grow them in place fairly quickly. While it will take a bit for them to actually block out the neighborhood, they'll begin providing some measure of privacy right away. These trees are fast growing and easy to maintain, and they grow practically anywhere. 

Privacy Tree

Another form of privacy tree is simply a large, healthy shade tree placed in front of any front-facing windows. These privacy trees don't just keep the home cooler in the summer, but they can also add immense value to a home over time. 

Vines Over Lattice

If you want a fence but hate the traditional look of a fence, you can consider growing vines over lattice. Vines can also grow over metal wire fences to give them a more decorative appearance. Vines grow very quickly and can blot out pretty much everything, especially when they're in bloom. As an additional bonus, many vines are attractive in their own right and have beautifully scented flowers.


Marking pathways throughout your front yard is an excellent way to keep people from traveling around areas that you don't want them to. Consider creating a single pathway to your doorway and adding landscaping, such as border plants, around it. That will encourage guests to only travel around the areas that you want them to, while adding some structure to your yard. 

A landscaping company can discuss options with you regarding both improving your privacy while maintaining scenic views. By investing in landscaping, you can also improve your overall property value—while also enhancing your safety.