3 Landscaping Tricks To Make Small Outdoor Spaces Seem Larger

19 February 2019
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Whether you have a small enclosed yard or you share an outdoor space with another neighbor, you might be looking for easy ways to make the area feel larger, brighter, and more functional. Here are three landscaping tricks to make small outdoor spaces seem larger than they are, and why you won't regret making these changes before summer comes.

1. Create Open, Usable Space

To give your outdoor space an open, user-friendly feeling, focus on creating as much usable space as you can. If the space is already irrigated, consider planting grass seed or putting down a non-invasive ground cover. On the other hand, if the area doesn't have a good natural source of water or sprinkler systems, consider installing pavers or asking professionals to install a concrete pad you can use as a patio. 

Open, flat outdoor spaces pave the way for a variety of fun activities, including al fresco dining, outdoor games, and even convenient places to lay out and soak in a little sun during the summertime. As you work on your outdoor area, focus on making the largest portions of the ground as flat as possible to make it easier to mow the grass or pave the location.

2. Take Advantage of Vertical Walls

Just because a space is small doesn't mean it has to feel that way. Take advantage of surrounding vertical space by installing interesting outdoor artwork, hanging plants, or even a vertical garden.

By bolting a strong curtain rod to the side of your home or a nearby rock wall, you can hang fabric planter boxes, making it easy to plant everything from small herb gardens to flower bulbs that will bloom in the spring and summer.

You can also use vertical space to place helpful outdoor items, such as weather thermometers and outdoor clocks.

3. Avoid Clutter

Although you might be tempted to fill your small outdoor space with interesting knick-knacks and decorations, try to keep clutter that touches the ground to a minimum. Keep children's toys, lawncare equipment, and storage containers out of your small patio area or yard. Instead, focus on keeping the space clean and organized, so it is always ready to use.

Before you start renovating your small outdoor space, talk with your landlord and consider working with a professional landscaping team. With the right equipment, an understanding of plant's water needs, and a little pre-planning, landscapers can transform your space into a little outdoor retreat your entire family is sure to love.