Rent The Equipment You Need This Spring To Fix Up Your Yard

14 February 2019
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If you want to have a great looking yard this spring, you don't have to pour a bunch of money into buying a bunch of yard equipment that you will only use one time. Instead, plan and rent the equipment you need to improve your yard this spring. Here are a few pieces of equipment you could rent to clean up your yard this spring.

#1 Aerator

Over time, it is natural for all the grass clippings in your yard to get compressed. When the grass clippings get too compressed and thick though, they can damage your grass, cutting your grass off from vital resources. When grass clippings get too think, your yard will not thrive.

An aerator is a machine that will break up the grass clippings that are decomposing next to your living grass. It will break up compacted dirt as well, and allow air, water, and nutrients to flow more freely to your grass.

#2 Seed Spreader

In the early spring, you are going to want to add new grass seeds to your lawn. Adding new grass seeds will help thicken the grass and will help your grass grow in nicely this spring.

In the early spring, you are also going to want to add fertilizer to your yard. Fertilizer in the early spring is vital. It will help your yard grow and thrive this year.

A seed spreader can spread both grass seed and fertilizer on your yard.

#3 Chain Saw

If you have large trees or bushes on your property, you may want to invest in a chain saw or another motorized cutting device. A small chain saw can make the annual process of pruning and trimming all your bushes and trees go at a much faster rate. A small chain saw will also reduce the physical energy your body has to put out when using manual cutting tools. A chain saw will help you quickly and effectively prune everything in your yard.

#4 Pressure Washer

Finally, if you want to clean up your yard, consider renting a pressure washer. You can use a pressure washer to clean up your driveway, sidewalk, porch, outside equipment, siding, and even your windows. A pressure washer can be a great way to quickly clean up all the outside surfaces of your home.

This spring make things easy on yourself. Rent the lawn equipment you need to quickly and effectively get your yard in shape. Renting is a much smaller investment than purchasing all of this equipment and renting the right equipment can also save you a lot of time as you get your yard ready for spring. Contact a lawn maintenance service for more help.