4 Creative Solutions To Deal With Trees That Need To Be Removed Around Your Home

14 February 2019
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Sometimes, trees may need to be removed because they become unhealthy and more of a danger for your home.  The first thing that you are going to think about to deal with these problems is having them removed, but there are many options for removing trees. Here are some creative solutions to deal with trees that have become more of a hazard around your home and need removal:

1. Creating Habitats for Birds and Animals by Leaving the Tree Trunk

One of the options that you may want to consider as an alternative to complete removal of a tree is to create a habitat for wildlife. This can be done by cutting the top out of the tree and just leaving the trunk for birds and animals to create nests. If you do this, you want to make sure that the tree is a safe distance from the personal property and only leave enough of the trunk to create wildlife habitat.

2. Using Large Branches and Trunks as Garden Furniture for Landscaping

Large branches and trunks can also be used for other purposes in landscaping. If the materials are large enough, they can make great DIY projects to turn them into things like benches, chairs or garden tables. If you have a home with a rustic design, using the timber materials for garden furniture after a tree removal can be a great addition to the landscaping around your home.

3. Topping Trees to Reduce the Hazards That They Pose to Personal Property

Some species of trees have canopies at the top of them that get so large, they can become a hazard to personal property. One option that you may want to consider is trimming or topping the tree to reduce hazards on your property. This is the process of removing the canopy of the tree to allow new growth to grow and can be a great way to reduce hazards without completely removing a tree.

4. Reusing Waste as Materials for Landscaping, Timber, and Recycling It

When you have tree removal done, there is a lot of waste materials that you have to deal with. You will want to have these materials hauled away, or you can reuse them. Large timber materials can be used to make lumber or timbers for woodworking projects and the smaller materials can be chipped for mulch and compost to use as ground cover in your landscaping.

These are some creative solutions that you may want to consider for dealing with hazardous trees around your home. If you have trees that need to be removed, contact a tree removal service and talk to them about some of these solutions.