How To Avoid A Sprinkler Repair Issue

6 February 2019
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It is a common experience for most people to notice something is wrong at the worst possible time. And when it comes to the water sprinkler in your lawn, a buzzing pump or a clogged sprinkler head are just some of the issues that you need to solve immediately.

Here are some ways to avoid and save money on irrigation repair:

Broken spray heads

If you have noticed that your sprinkler heads pop up only to spray everywhere or do not pop out at all, you might have to deal with broken spray heads. This mostly happens when a garden vehicle drives over them. If this happens, you will have to purchase a separate sprinkler head that matches your irrigation head. To avoid this problem, navigate carefully around your sprinklers.

Clogged sprinkler head

If the head of the sprinkler does not rise up and there is no water flowing out of it, you might have a clogged sprinkler head. Some reasons why this happens is because a lot of debris like sand and dirt builds up in the filters of the sprinkler head. Even if this happens, all you need to do is remove the head of the sprinkler and give it a good clean. Once it is done, you can fix it back again.

The controller of the water sprinkler stopped working

There are primarily four reasons why this problem has occurred — the controller does not operate in the auto mode, the controller will not switch to manual mode, the timer dial might not be working, or it fails to measure the time. All four of these problems are connected to improper voltage. So make sure the electrical connections are working fine and no component is short-circuited.

You hear a chattering noise after installing the pump

The reason this happens might be that you are very far away from the controller or the relay coil and the controller's wire size is too small. You will need a wire size of at least 14 gauges for runs that are more than 15 feet. If the controller's transformer is too small for the relays, you will need a bigger transformer for this problem to stop. You can contact a professional if you are looking for a bigger transformer.

The above are just some of the problems that you can solve before it becomes a major headache. Additionally, these small precautions will also save you a lot of money on repairs by an irrigation repair professional.