Updating Your Landscape Design? Consider The Canary Island Pine Tree

5 February 2019
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As a homeowner, you probably understand the benefits of trees. While they improve your landscape design, certain trees can also add shade and value to your home. Today, more and more people are seeing the benefits of planting a few Canary Island pine trees in their yard. With year-round foliage and enormous growth, you can also benefit from this massive and lush evergreen tree. Here are a few tips to grow a healthy and attractive Canary Island pine tree.

Plant Properly

Location is essential in regards to real estate value, but it is also important for the health of your tree. The Canary Island pine is durable and easy to grow, but only in the right conditions.

The tree can withstand some shade and cool weather. However, it will grow best in areas of your yard that receive full sun. Make sure the location receives a decent amount of sun exposure throughout most of the day.

The potential height and width of the tree is also an important factor to consider when choosing a location. While it may be small initially, the Canary Island pine can grow up to 80-feet tall and out to a spread of 20 feet. Because of this massive size at full maturity, make sure to plant the tree away from your home's roof, siding, and other outdoor structures, such as sheds and power lines.

Dig a hole in the ground wider than the tree's root ball. Place the roots into the ground and surround with fill dirt and composting mixture. Water the tree and tree base thoroughly after planting.

Prune and Pinch Properly

There are a few reasons why you should prune your Canary Island pine tree. Of course, if you notice any branches that are discolored, damaged, or obviously infected with a disease. use sharp pruning shears to trim the limbs off.

Enhancing the shape and overall look of your tree may also be necessary at times. If limbs are growing too close to other trees or outdoor structures, use your shears to prune the branches away.

Pruning is also important for promoting new growth. During the late part of winter is the best time to prune to promote new growth, since the tree is dormant. Trimming during dormancy ensures the tree will heal from any potential wounds made while pruning.

If you notice thick shoots growing off the ends of the branches, pinch them off using your hands or shears. These thick shoots are known as pine candles. Pinching them off in the early part of summer will help strengthen your tree, making your pine appear more full and lush.

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