Highlighting Your Landscaping with Installed Lights: Three Ideas to Consider

4 February 2019
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Adding lighting to your landscaping setup can be a great finishing touch for your property. These lights bring added beauty at night, and they can also fulfill a secondary function as a deterrent for potential burglars. If you are considering adding lighting to your property, here are some ideas to consider.

Upward Lighting for Trees and Shrubs

Installing lights in the ground to illuminate trees and shrubs gives your greenery a beautiful glow at night. For shrubs that are close to the home, you can have your contractor install lights in the flower or rock bed below. These lights can be hardwired or solar-powered, depending on your preferences. For trees on your property, you can install recessed lighting on the side that faces the street. Look for lights with bulbs that are easy to change, as you can switch out traditional bulbs for colored ones to create a festive look during the holiday season.

Path Lighting

Whether you have a winding walkway or a simple sidewalk leading to your home, path lighting can create an expertly manicured look for your lawn. This can be achieved through stake lights, which are installed in the ground. Solar stake lights are easy to find and install yourself, but there are also other options available. Because these lighting fixtures will be visible during the daytime, you'll want to select a design that matches your home's exterior and your landscape theme. You can find stake lights in Gothic, Victorian, mid-century modern, and contemporary styles, so take some time to find the perfect match for your property.

Deck and Patio Lighting

While lighting your deck and patio doesn't seem like it has much to do with landscaping, the perfect lights in this area can bring out the best in your landscaping aesthetic. Consider how the deck appears when looking at it from the street or sidewalk. The right positioning of lights can accent flower beds below and trees on either side. Consider installing lights under the rails around your deck. If you have a patio with no railings, recessed lighting in the floor around the edges can bring a warm glow to any greenery nearby. Be sure to arrange lighting near any potted plants or trees you have on the deck or patio to give them the attention they deserve as well.

Talk to an outdoor lighting installation service about how to best light your plants, shrubs, and trees, and work with a contractor to find fixtures you can have installed to make your lawn light up at night.