Are You Adding a Patio to Your Landscaping?

4 February 2019
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Is this the year that you will be adding a patio to your home landscaping? Maybe you are gearing up for the spring and summer of 2019 as you consider outdoor entertaining and having out-of-town guests staying in your house. Whatever the scenario, from choosing the foundation of your patio to selecting the furniture, here are some ideas that might help you to design a space that you and others will enjoy for many years to come.

The Foundation of Your Patio

Think of the material you want to select for the patio flooring. One idea is to use flagstones as the foundation. Another idea is to select brickwork for the patio flooring. Or, for added interest, combine flagstone and brickwork. For example, think of using flagstone as the predominant material and then add brickwork to surround it. Or, create a pattern out of the bricks for the center of the patio and surround the bricks with flagstone. Picture, for instance, a star created from bricks as the focal point of the foundation. Then surround it with flagstone that will complement the color of the bricks.

If you're undecided about how you want to design the foundation of your new patio, a stone services provider will probably have many pictures of work that he or she has done in the past. You can use the designs in the pictures, or you can use them as an inspiration for your own design. The mason will also have the experience needed to fine-tune a plan you have sketched on paper. For example, the mason might suggest that you use flagstones or bricks to create a path from the patio to your garden area.

The Patio Furniture

Consider how you will be using your patio. For example, if you know that you'll be having meals together as a family or with friends, you probably want to select a table and chairs that will seat a group. Choose patio furniture that will withstand inclement weather. For example, wrought iron is one good choice. Stained wooden furniture will be good, too, but you'll probably have to re-stain it every few years.

If you will be using the patio for relaxation, consider the addition of a hammock or a bench swing. If there's enough space on your outdoor patio, rocking chairs would also be a great consideration. Whether you use rocking chairs or other types of chairs, think of also buying small tables that can be used for placing things like drinks and snacks.