Impress Your Neighbors By Cleaning Up Your Property This Spring

14 November 2022
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Spring is a good time to clean up your property so that you can impress your neighbors. But landscaping is a task that can quickly get out of hand if you make mistakes such as failing to edge properly or pruning incorrectly.  Proper Edging Matters Edging has a large impact on the appearance of your property. It might seem like a small detail, but you will want the edges of your property to be clean and crisp. Read More 

Common Mistakes When Fertilizing A Lawn

20 October 2022
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If your lawn is to thrive, it will need to have the right nutrients. Unfortunately, many homeowners will find that their soil may not be of the highest quality for growing a lawn. As a result, they may need to fertilize the grounds to make the soil more conducive to growing grass. However, there are some mistakes that they need to avoid if they are to get optimal results from fertilizing their lawns. Read More 

Add A New Topiary Garden Or An Elevated Pond To Your Driveway

3 October 2022
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A topiary garden or an elevated pond will enhance a circular driveway. Either project will require the use of hardscaping and landscaping materials. Combining the materials will add some sharp lines and soft, contrasting colors to your property. Excavation Essentials If a driveway does not already exist on your property, a contractor will need to mark the sections where the pavement will go and designate an area for the new hardscaping and landscaping feature. Read More 

Planning A New Landscape? Hot Trends You May Want To Consider For Your Design

16 September 2022
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Planning a landscape design is no easy feat and it can involve a lot of thought about what features are most important to you. You also want a landscape design that looks nice and ups the curb appeal around your home. Looking at a few new trends in landscaping will help you decide which ones you want to incorporate into your own design.  Go with gravel With the popularity of the return to a simpler lifestyle, many homeowners are turning to the simplest materials for creating a landscape. Read More 

3 Signs Your Irrigation Sprinklers Are Failing

25 August 2022
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As a business owner, you don't want your employees to stand outside watering your lawn. Nor do you want to have hoses lying all over it because they can be a trip risk and look unsightly. When you have your grounds landscaped, you should have your landscaper install a sprinkler system to keep your lawn and gardens water. A sprinkler system has retractable heads that will pop up when there is enough water pressure to water your lawn. Read More