Wall Wisdom: Understanding The Types Of Retaining Walls And How They Can Enhance Your Landscape

11 May 2022
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There are several reasons to have a retaining wall installed when planning your landscape design. Retaining walls can help prevent ground erosion on hillsides or other sloping areas while making those areas suitable for installing a garden or other elements. Retaining walls also add beauty to your landscape and create eye appeal in your design. Double walls Double walls help you maximize the space in your landscape design. They also help create interest in a landscape. Read More 

Why Your Soil Might Need To Have Lime Added To It

20 April 2022
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Lime is often added to soil to improve its characteristics. This is especially important if you are developing your property or engaging in landscaping. Your soil can become surprisingly strong after it has undergone lime stabilization. The Effects of Lime on Your Soil When lime has been added to soil, it becomes more workable and develops load-bearing characteristics. You might decide to modify or stabilize the soil. Clay soil that has a lot of plasticity can benefit the most from lime stabilization. Read More 

What Type of Bricks Are Used for Backyard Patios?

4 April 2022
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A brick patio is a low-maintenance alternative to a wood deck that offers space for relaxation all year round. If you're new to the idea of using bricks as part of your landscaping designs, you may think that all bricks offer the same benefits for patio building. However, most bricks sold for any other purpose aren't a great choice for this kind of in-ground use. Here are four types of bricks you can use for patios and the restrictions that come along with each type. Read More 

Recommendations To Customize Your Yard’s Landscaping Design And Maintenance

10 March 2022
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To get the right look in your yard's landscaping, sometimes you need to mix in the right trees, shrubbery, and flowers for an all-around custom yard that looks amazing but does not look exactly like other yards in your neighborhood. No matter whether you opt for a large expanse of lawn surrounded by areas of trees and shrubbery or you choose islands of landscaped bedding areas showcasing some of your favorite plants and trees, here are some recommendations to help you maintain a great looking yard with the right custom landscaping care. Read More 

Tips For Using Your New, Stainless Steel Pizza Oven

18 February 2022
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Having a stainless steel pizza oven in your backyard is incredible! It's so nice to be able to create delicious, creative pizzas for your family and for guests. However, it often takes new pizza oven owners a little time to get used to their pizza ovens and figure out how to best use them. Here are a few tips to help you in that regard. Preheat the oven The instructions that came with your stainless steel pizza oven almost certainly tell you to preheat it before baking a pizza. Read More